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Trash to Treasure: Thrift Store Hutch

It’s so true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; or woman as the case may be, but you guys know what I mean. :)

This is going to be a quickie post, so if you want more information or painting details, please comment below and I’d be happy to help.


I found this gorgeous retro hutch/cabinet at Goodwill,  and completely fell in love with it’s potential and modern lines.  Immediately, I imagined it in my dinning room painted a matte black. I already had all the supplies I needed at home so with a price tag of $39 it was a steal!

The items I used in this project were: TSP Substitute to throughly clean the cabinet. 220 grit sand paper to lightly rough up the surface. Primer. Flat black paint. Plaster of Paris. Foam roller. Foam brush. Painters tape.


The first thing I did was lay out an old sheet to protect the floor,  and then cleaned the cabinet thoroughly with TSP Substitute. This particular cabinet had been stored somewhere very dirty and was really gross so I cleaned it twice, then went over the surface lightly with a little 220 grit sand paper just to give the surface some tooth for the primer and paint to grab onto.


Initially I was a bit lazy; I thought I’d paint it with the doors still on, but after taping off the glass I decided that I really should remove them. It’s just too hard to do a good job without removing the doors and hardware.


The primer step is probably optional because I did mix a little plaster of paris in with my flat black paint which typically creates a pretty good surface bond (It’s chalkboard paint), but I always think paint holds better over primer, so I went ahead and primed it since I had some on hand.  I almost always use a foam roller and foam brush when doing furniture projects, but you could certainly use a nice paint brush, just be aware that you’re more likely to see brush strokes.


I mixed about a quarter cup of plaster of Paris into a quart of flat black paint to create a rich, matte, chalkboard paint.


And here’s one coat of black paint partially on. I tend to rush my projects a bit and not give them enough drying time in between coats. It really is best to follow manufacturers instructions on the back of your paint and primer can to determine drying time between coats.


And Tah – Dah! :) I am so satisfied and completely in love with this project. What do you think?


I find many of my home decor items at Goodwill, Target clearance, and at Gordman’s.



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Thanks for stopping by. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below. :)

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