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The Painted Door: Adding Character to Your Space

Good morning, friends!  I have some fun painted door inspiration for you today. :)

Several weeks back after I did the graphic feature wall in the entry way (If you haven’t seen it,you can check it out here), I decided the entry door lacked character and needed a little somethin’-somethin’ so it wasn’t so blah and boring.

Here’s before.


I had a premium exterior enamel paint in a slate grey that I’d found on the bargain paint shelf. The quart, which would have normally sold for $12, was only $1 on sale. I make it a habit to check out the bargain paint, which are paints that people have had mixed but end up not buying, every time I’m in my local hardware stores. Exterior paints are a little thicker than interior paints, but I didn’t see any reason why it couldn’t be used on the back side of the front door. Adding a few drops of water to the paint thinned it just enough to provide a nice glide. Doesn’t it look better than the boring white door?

After: The painted door makes the space a bit more welcoming.



Adding character to your space is as simple as a little paint and a few well placed decor items.  Check out these inspiring painted doors. (Click the image for details)


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I love how the interior stripes of this small powder room below extend onto the door. So chic!

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