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Brewer’s T-shirt Transformation

Now that it’s baseball season again, I remembered a T-shirt transformation I did last summer from an oversized men’s Brewer’s shirt I’d picked up at Goodwill for $1.49. I get such a thrill out of taking something that’s been discarded and turning it into something super cool. Well, it’s cool to me, anyway. :)  I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this shirt since I first made it, and it definitely sets me apart from the crowd. (I march to the beat of my own drum.)

Sorry for the horrible straight- from- the- phone photos, but hopefully you can get the gist. Even if you’re not experienced with a sewing machine, you can totally do this. It’s super easy.


Oversized T-shirt

Coordinating thread

Sewing Machine

Elastic (optional depending on the fabric and fit. Although I’d planned to use elastic, I ended up not needing it on my finished tube top)

As a pattern, use a tube top that you already have.



1.Lay a tube top that fits you on top of your oversized T-shirt making sure your logo is properly centered.

2. Pin in place or without pinning carefully cut around your template tube top leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides. I left my shirt longer than my tube top template because I’m long waisted and wanted the finished result to be longer than the tube top used as a template.

3. After your pieces are cut, flip the top piece over so that the right sides of the shirt are facing each other. Stitch a seam along both sides. Because I left my shirt longer, the original hem is still on the bottom of the shirt, so after stitching the sides, the only raw edge remaining was the top.

4. Try on the shirt to see how it fits. My shirt fit well with no adjustments needed. I decided against adding elastic to the top seam simply because the fabric has good elasticity, so I wasn’t worried too much about it stretching out and becoming loose. You wouldn’t want to be wearing a strapless top and have it slip down while you’re at a baseball game, so if there’s any question, add some elastic.

5. Press and stitch top seam.

6. Enjoy a hot dog and cold beer at the game. Go Brewers!




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