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DIY: Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been kind of a slug lately. I started this project several months ago and am finally getting around to blogging about it. Like I mentioned back in the kitchen cabinet painting post here, I’m not a big fan of honey oak. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of it in this house, so that means I’m pretty much always painting something.


I had a dark grey gallon of semigloss paint that I found on the bargain shelf at Menard’s for $5, so I decided to go ahead and use that for my not-so-master bathroom. I started by thoroughly cleaning the vanity with TSP substitute and then going over it again with warm water. I taped off the floor and wall around the vanity and also the lip under the counter top so I wouldn’t accidentally get paint all over it. Before painting with the dark grey (which looks almost navy or black in some of these photos) I gave it a good coat of primer. Priming is essential! I always fallow the manufacturers directions when it comes to how long the paint should dry between coats.


Typically with a semi gloss paint I don’t go over it with any kind of clear coat, but I decided on a few coats of polycrylic just because I wanted to make sure it would really hold up to the humidity and frequent cleaning of the bathroom. Once everything was dry I decided to add some hardware to make the drawers a bit easier to open and give the vanity a little bling. The cabinet looks almost black in the photo below, but the true color is more like the last before and after photo.


So here’s the before and after; I’m really liking the grey. ¬†Tomorrow I’ll share the new shelves I made for above the toilet out of galvanized pipe and 1×10 boards. :)


Are you working on anything around your house? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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