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Affordable Beauty: Rose Hip Oil

Hi Friends.

I’ve been on blog hiatus for some time now; I’m back with renewed energy to share my Affordable Beauty series. I’d like to offer some insight on products I’ve actually purchased and used myself to address various beauty concerns.

This week I’d like to share the wonders of Rose Hip Oil. Now that I’m well into my 40’s, I look for products that will nourish my skin, help smooth my complexion, lighten hyper pigmentation and address occasional hormonal acne. Rose Hip Oil does all of that and more.

Rose Hip Oil is a dry oil that is absorbed easily by the skin without any trace of a greasy residue, and reaches deep into the tissue to affect skin on a cellular level. It’s anti inflammatory properties have a wonderful affect on the skin. I use it every other night at bedtime; the other nights I use a more expensive, but highly effective product by ZO Medical called Brightenex. I purchased my Rose Hip Oil through Amazon, but you may be able to find it elsewhere. Just look for organic, cold press, oil.

I’ll share more about my experience with ZO Medical Products in a future post.

To use Rose Hip Oil, wash and dry face, and apply just a drop or two to your fingers and work into the face and neck either at night or before make up. It will absorb completely within 10 minutes.

Take into consideration that any time you start a new skincare product it takes time and consistent use to see results.


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