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1 Nov 2015

Affordable Beauty: Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Over the past five years, I’ve become a bit of a skin care junkie, always seeking out products that actually make a difference in the tone, texture and health of my skin. One of my holy grail
1 Nov 2015

9 Stunning Long Hairstyles

Here are 9 stunning long hairstyle trends for 2015 Pin It
31 Oct 2015

Affordable Theatre: Wicked

This past Thursday, we took our girls to see Wicked at the Overture Center in Madison. We opted for saving ton of cash and buying the $33 balcony tickets. Some would say that the experience is much
15 Oct 2015

Affordable Beauty: Vitamin B12

About a month ago I decided to start taking B12 to see if the benefit of improved fat metabolism/ weight loss is actually true. I was pleasantly surprised after a month of daily use, that there were
13 Sep 2015

Affordable Beauty: Rose Hip Oil

Hi Friends. I’ve been on blog hiatus for some time now; I’m back with renewed energy to share my Affordable Beauty series. I’d like to offer some insight on products I’ve actually purchased and used myself to
18 Sep 2014

Trash to Treasure: Thrift Store Hutch

It’s so true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; or woman as the case may be, but you guys know what I mean. This is going to be a quickie post, so if you want
21 Aug 2014

Dear Sweet Beautiful Kind loving Girl

Dear Sweet, beautiful, kind, loving girl. (I could fill this page of adjectives that describe you.) I woke up this morning thinking of you. You’re heading to middle school and I’m afraid for you. I’m afraid of
23 Apr 2014

DIY: Bathroom Shelves

It’s amazing how much bigger a small bathroom can feel when you maximize function; in this case storage.  The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost much. Supplies:  6 – 10″ galvanized pipe threaded at
22 Apr 2014

DIY: Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been kind of a slug lately. I started this project several months ago and am finally getting around to blogging about it. Like I mentioned back in the kitchen cabinet painting post here, I’m not a
21 Apr 2014

Beauty: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Somewhere in my thirties I started to get really interested in what I could do to best care for my skin and slow the aging process, now that I’m in my forties it’s become even more important
12 Feb 2014

DIY Floor to Ceiling Curtains

As much as I look forward to spring, I always see winter as the perfect time to tackle some indoor projects. I’ve been working on so many things lately that I’ve fallen behind on my posts. Here’s
25 Jan 2014

Mood Board January 2014

I’m drooling over grey, white, yellow and black lately, so I thought I’d share a little mood board with you guys. Links for more detail on the items are listed below. 1. Armen Living 844 Barrister Loveseat,
25 Jan 2014

Roundup: 5 Must Read Parenting Posts

I read a lot. I’m not your average book worm, though; I tend to read less to escape and more to learn.  Today I have a really great round up of must read parenting posts packed with
23 Jan 2014

DIY: American Girl Doll House

I’m really excited to share this DIY American Girl doll house  project with you guys. I wanted to share it earlier, but it was a Christmas gift for Abby and Bella and I didn’t want to spoil
12 Jan 2014

Organization: A Nifty and Thrifty Camisole Rack

I always start off the new year with the goal of being more organized around the house. These cold winter months are the perfect time to tackle organizing closets, drawers and other areas indoors that might be